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• Color brown to reddish grey upper side and whitish grey on belly

• Size little bigger than roof rat

• Weight on an average 1 pound

• Like to live in close neighborhood of human in or around them.

• Feed on almost everything humans eat.

• usually found at lower elevations

• They burrow to make nests under buildings and other structures, under concrete slabs, along stream banks, around ponds, in garbage dumps, and at other locations where suitable food, water, and shelter are present.

• Norway rats will eat almost any type of food

• Tend to choose nutritionally balanced diet avoid stale or contaminated food

• Prefer cereal grains, meats and fish, nuts, and some types of fruit.

• Rats require 15 to 30 ml of water daily when feeding on dry foods

• Food items in household garbage offer them a fairly balanced diet and also satisfy their water requirements

London Ontario Pest Control industry has been witnessing growing number of cases of rat infestation over the last few years. Sometimes professional use of proper rodenticides becomes inevitable to completely eliminate rats. It is recommended to have pest control professional look after this situation for you because they are trained for this job and know how to use rodenticides properly and what application method suits your specific situation. If you have any more questions call Rapid Pest Control at 519 204 5428.

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