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Flea Prevention
Flea Prevention

A flea Habits

Fleas are small, wingless, parasitic insects good jump, adults who usually live in mammals, a few birds fleas biting people when not only produce irritation and cause pain, but after biting local skin often with varying degrees of allergic reactions, itching bitten parts, when plague bacteria into the fine will be itching wounds, but also can make a person infected with the plague.

Second flea control: Rapid “pest control london ontario“ insecticide company conscientiously sum up in the course of many years of flea prevention, family, hotels, factories, warehouses, machine room, unfurnished basement fleas, mainly as cats, dogs, rats and other hosts with into a large number of breeding and breeding, along with the spread of humans and pets, resulting in a comprehensive hazard. As a “professional pesticide company“ in Rapid pest control, fleas and breeding sources for different places to develop a different way of eradication treatment.

A family place fleas

(1) First a household survey breeding ground for fleas, flea density monitoring the situation flea species, breeding sources, activity area, so that the fleas targeted to ensure the effectiveness of the drug.

(2) preparation of flea medication and then select construction equipment to prevent flea medication cause corrosion on indoor furniture based on home renovation cases; construction closed at the end of two hours, before entering the open doors and windows for ventilation of indoor full 30 minutes after cleaning .

2 office space fleas

(1) First Merlot insecticide-site personnel office flea breeding source investigations, monitoring flea density, the situation flea species, activity area, so that the office of fleas targeted to ensure that the drug effectiveness.

(2) Second according to the test results to find flea breeding sources, flea office space is generally smallpox roof top with wildcat mouse density is too large, resulting in a rat fleas will be left on the desktop proliferation activities, as well as smallpox top with dead “rats“ , mice parasites fleas, lice, etc. will leave dead rats looking parasitic body, I have proposed a reasonable insecticide technical solutions through flea scene.

3 warehouse spaces fleas

(1) First, the source warehouse flea breeding commenced investigations, monitoring flea density, the situation flea species, activity areas, etc.

(2) Second according to the test results to find the warehouse flea breeding sources, warehouse or rat fleas Wildcats density is caused by too much, there is something moving up from the outside with, so the first drug cleared warehouse flea breeding ground, preferably in peacetime combined rodent, rodents, which involves clearing nest rat fleas, plugging holes, plug the holes, plug the way the Wildcats into the interior vignetting, etc., and with a variety of insecticides to kill adult fleas and larvae residues.