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Interesting facts about Bed Bugs – London ontario pest control
Interesting facts about Bed Bugs – London ontario pest control

Interesting facts about Bed Bugs

  • “Bed Bugs” (Cimex lectularius) small oval shaped
    insects feed on human blood, becomes a nightmare if not controlled timely and
  • An adult of a “bedbug” is about 1/4th of a inch and is oval and
  • They like to hide areas having easy approach to the naked body parts of host
    such as neck, shoulders, arms, feet, waist line. These areas in a typical bed
    are headboard, foot board, seams of mattress, box spring, frame and night
    stand. But in badly infested situation they can hide on farther spaces such as
    base boards, electrical penal, dresser base hinges and cracks voids crevices,
    wall voids, under carpet edges.
  • A Bedbug turns to an
    adult Bed bug after passing through six stages of their life out of which five
    stages are of nymphs.
  • A bedbug sheds its
    skin every time it passes a stage of its life. That way an adult have to shed
    its skin five times in order for it to become adult and capable of reproducing.
    One blood meal is required before it is able to shed its skin each time. The
    process of shedding skin is called molting.
  • Bedbugs are attracted to their
    prey/host by sensing carbon dioxide and temperature of the air around.
  • Before sucking blood bedbugs
    inject an anesthetic secretion which does not allow its prey to feel sensation
    of biting at the time of biting. Usually prey notice bedbug bite after bedbug  run away to the nearest hiding area after performing
    all that action.
  • Since “bedbugs” have no wings
    so they cannot fly but they are fairly quick in crawling/running