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Moth Prevention – London Ontario Pest Control
Moth Prevention – London Ontario Pest Control

Moth Prevention

Today, modern architecture, interior decoration “harmful pests, “ in addition to termites, the most common as well as Cooperate androids and powder post beetles, I have received every year by households reflects one example of hundreds of silverfish from harm. Though the dangers and destructive bark beetles and termites, but it can still bore wear hard hardwood floors and furniture, exterior wall panels, forming a hollow, emit large amounts of powder. In the modern home, the household is often put into the tens of thousands or even tens of million renovation, silverfish once suffered harm, and the lack of timely treatment, it is difficult to get the momentum to curb the spread greatly affect residential ornamental and usability . Home Improvement serious eats will have holes.

(1) causes harm

causes harm silverfish is mainly used in building materials decoration carried, especially wooden floor joists, furniture and wall panels lining the file is the main way silverfish eggs adult or spread, Meanwhile, we have also found that the finished wood floor, there are also carrying silverfish adult phenomenon. These beetles into the home with the materials, the dependence of building materials cellulose, starch and sugar grown, and the hatch in the right environment and temperature, hazards, and gradually spread.
(2) the “pest control London Ontario“ methods that have been purchased supplies for prevention treatment is the most effective way to control silverfish harm, at present, I am in the home decoration renovation undertaken when termite prevention, prevention should also be considered, including bark beetles, positive prevention, can play a multiplier effect.

(1) high-temperature method: Households in dealing with construction materials decreasing, high temperature vapor decreasing generally used method, so that both make construction materials skim, can effectively “kill silverfish“ adults and eggs , played the role of double benefit.

(2) Chemical Prevention Act:

used for laying the floor joists before laying the floor, with a cyanide Xu permethrin emulsion spray or brush, used for building furniture and wainscoting lining files, centralized stacked with Cyanide Xu permethrin emulsion spray. By preventing the above method can basically control the spread of bark beetles. Rapid, Toronto insecticide engineers report!