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Cockroach Control London Ontario
Cockroach Control London Ontario


Cockroach Control London Ontario


Cockroach Control


  • here are various species of cockroaches present in the world. In London Ontario most common specie is German cockroach.
  • These cockroaches like to hide, feed and breed in food prep areas, kitchen and washrooms and any other area where they can have access to water and food.
  • This specie has capability to reproduce very rapidly. One adult female and its off-springs can grow to over thirty thousand in number in one year.
  • This is a nocturnal insect.
  • Size of adult is ½ Inch and Nymph 1/16 inch
  • Color is light brown
  • Life stages Egg-nymph-adult

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Commercial Service
Commercial Service

Hotels and motels, Banquet halls, Convention centers, Hospitals, retail stores, Pharmacies, Schools and Day care centers, Theatres, Restaurants...

Home Service
Home Service

Detached and semi detached Houses, Mansions, Condominiums, Townhouses, Apartment buildings, Student housings.


Prevention tips

For preventing any facility from cockroach infestation follow following steps


  • Spot any cracks or openings to the outside and seal it.
  • To seal gap around doors use weather stripping on doors and windows.
  • Before bringing in any used furniture or appliances / electronics item make sure these are free from any infestation.
  • Before bringing any groceries, be extra careful you may bring cockroaches from grocery stores with food or packaging.
  • Look for any eggs capsules on any part kitchen cabinets and appliances like refrigerator, oven, microwave and dishwasher. If you see any capsule like .

London Ontario Pest Control industry has been witnessing increasing number of cases of cockroach infestation over the last couple of years. Sometimes professional use of proper insecticides becomes inevitable to completely eliminate cockroaches. It can be stressful job for home owners and business owners as it requires detailed pre treatment and post treatment management. It is recommended to have pest control professional look after this situation for you because they are trained for this job and know how to use insecticides properly and what application method suits your specific situation. If you have any more questions call Rapid Pest Control at 519 204 5428.